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  • Township Planning & Design
  • Land Development Framework
  • Spatial, Regional & Economic Studies
  • Land-use Applications
  • Socioeconomic Surveys/Studies

Contact the Town & Regional Planning Department:

V.P. McPherson: 072 687 0385 or

Mr. Vivian McPherson pointing at a site for possible future development near Upington

Typical town planning layout ready for planning of services by the engineering teams.

Project Facilitation, Feasibility studies & Social Consultation

To maximize value to our clients, projects are preceded by feasibility studies which comprise:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Economic & financial feasibility
  • Social/Institutional feasibility
  • Environmental feasibility

The outcome of the feasibility studies are business/operational plans. In implementing its Development Mandate, Social Consultation - the inclusion of local communities in the project - is of paramount importance.

The major components of Stabilis’ Project Facilitation Methodology are People, Process and Tools. Stabilis harnesses combined staff knowledge, expertise and experience in conjunction with our standard operating procedures and latest technologies to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Contact the Project Facilitation, Feasibility studies & Social Consultation Department:

G.B.Africa: 072 460 6410 or